How exciting!  What better way to start up than with the Anna Nicole Smith saga!  I don’t know about you all, but I am hooked.  Thankfully the news is slowing down for a bit, it was starting to take over my days!  The live courtroom drama was just so facinating to watch.  Although in the end I thought the verdit was the correct one.  I think most of us know Anna Nicole would want to be next to her son.  Period.  I am a little uncomfortable now knowing that the Appeals Court is wanting to listen to her mothers Appeal.  She is in it for all the wrong reasons and I think deep down she knows that Anna Nicole needs to be with her son, she just doesn’t want to “give in” to Howard Stern.  And now she’s trying to get custody of the little baby Dannielynn, UGH! 

I just hope they can end this soon and let her finally be buried and rest next to her son in the Bahamas.  No matter what anyone thinks of Howard, that is where she lived, thats where her baby was born, thats where her son is buried, thats where she was having a home built, THAT’S WHERE SHE SHOULD BE BURIED.  

We will have more on this story as it all keeps unfolding as I just cannot get enough!

 So what do you all think on all this madness?  Leave a comment!

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