Talk about lifestyles of the rich and famous, literally! Some of your favorite stars show us how to vacation right in the south of France! Kate Hudson shows off a photo of her famous friends while in St. Tropez for Leonardo Dicaprio’s Foundation Gala. But don’t get too jealous, because you can snag the same type of pic by just gathering a group of friends on your next vacay. Nina Dobrev played on a waterslide and shared an adorable instagram video in a killer swimsuit. Two questions where can we get that swimsuit and rent that boat with a waterslide attached? And lastly, you can’t travel like a celebrity without dressing to the nines. Model Natasha Poly looked breathtaking in a dress fit for a Parisian Gala…which happened to be exactly where she was. With all the fun, the celebs have made us want to pack our bags. Au revoir.

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