Selena Gomez Shocked by Miley Cyrus’ Disrespectful Halloween Costume

This time once again Selena has taken an aim at Miley for her disrespectful Instagram snaps.

R ecently when Miley Cyrus,22 posted some naughty images of her smoking in a Cinderella outfit for Halloween things went wrong. The “Good for you” singer feels that Miley’s snaps were in poor taste and she should remember that Disney is, after all, what made both of them famous.

Miley is certainly no stranger to controversy and has always openly talked about her love for marijuana and this time she made fun of her Disney past by sharing a snap with a blunt in her mouth on Oct.30. She was wearing Cinderella’s famous baby blue gown. Selena felt bad about this act of Miley and Selena didn’t expect that wouldn’t do such an act.

Is Selena right in her thinking that Miley’s act is disrespectful?

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