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Say WHAT?!

  • Jennifer Aniston’s New Do for “Squirrels to the Nut” – yeeeah
  • Claire Danes Covers Vogue US August 2013 – bevoguish
  • Gillian Anderson And David Duchovny Reunite At Comic-Con – celebdirtylaundry
  • Meet Mellie Stanley’s baby boy, Richard Joe Whetzel Stanley – starcasm
  • Get the Celeb Look: Low Budget, High Fashion – thefashionspot
  • Kerry Washington Gets Emmy Nod for ‘Scandal’ – bittenandbound
  • Most Annoying Celebs: Stars That Get On Our Nerves - stupidcelebrities
  • Harry Styles is a Huge ‘Sex and The City’ Fan – girlstalkinsmack

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Say WHAT?!

Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez were spotted kissing while on vacation together – weirdest couple of the year so far?