Ryan Reynolds Wishes He Could Tell Mommy Bloggers to “F–k Off”

Ryan says mommy bloggers are an "intense" group of people and he should be allowed to make mistakes as a parent.

T his all kicked off after Ryan posted a pic to his Instagram and in the image he was wearing his baby carrier incorrectly, allowing the baby’s feet to dangle out of the end. It was a new dad mistake and the mommy bloggers of the internet went nuts over it. Ryan has already responded before but in a new interview he took it to a new level, saying he wishes he could tell them to “f-k off” and thinks he should be allowed to make mistakes as a new father without being judged:

“Yeah, ‘Can I just make some mistakes and all of you just f–k off?’ Yeah. You want to be able to say that. But you can’t say that. There is almost no community on Earth as intense as the parent-child online community.”

Ryan, who has a new daughter named James with actress Blake Lively, says that he doesn’t think about parenting advice and just follows his intuition when possible. His own advice is to not listen to other people’s advice:

“The one piece of advice I would say is: Don’t listen to any advice. Because there’s nothing you can do to prepare for it. I’ve learned that an inordinate amount of clichés are completely true. Like, there is this kid here that I would walk through fire for. Or maybe not fire. Like, a very hot pavement, I’d walk through. A shag rug.”

He reveals that the couple don’t have a nanny and he is surprisingly happy to wake up 5 times a night if he needs to:

“I’m surprised how patient I am with it. I feel like I could sometimes have a bit of a short fuse, but there’s just been this weirdly endless supply of patience. I have no problem waking up five times in the middle of the night and changing diapers, and as exhausted as you get, I have this stupid grin on my face all the time. And that’s not because I have a nanny or something like that. It’s just us right now, and I love it.”

He doesn’t think his kid is the ‘Chosen One’ and doesn’t want to be that parent who brags:

“I get why parents have that sort of predisposition to talk about their child as if they’re the only people that have ever copulated and pumped out a kid. I understand that. I don’t f–king fall victim to it, because, especially celebrities, when they talk about their kid, they talk about their kid like they’re the Chosen One, or they’re the only people who have ever had a child… I find it to be really obnoxious. In fact, every time I talk about my kid in public, I’m generally talking about how average she is. But at home, I’m like, ‘You’re a genius! Oh, my God! You just took a sh-t in your diaper that came out as a perfect musical note!’”

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