Russell Crowe is not a Scientologist

Russell Crowe was a friend of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. But he was never a member of Scientology. Although people have claimed he was in the Church.

R ussell Crowe says that he was friendly with Tom Cruise and that he did watch a short video on Scientology and that he had a conversation with Cruise about the topic of Scientology. But he also says that he never joined the Church, despite the rumors. Good for him.

He has a little bit of sense, despite his friendship with Cruise. Interestingly, he also said that when Cruise and Nicole Kidman broke up, he stopped hearing from Cruise.  I wonder if he’s considered a (PTS) “Potential Troubled Source,” something that the Church labels you, according to the documentary “Going Clear,” if they think that you are a threat to them.  I wonder if the Church had anything to do with making sure that Cruise would no longer associate with Crowe. According to the documentary “Going Clear”, the Church split up Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, in large part because Nicole’s father is a psychiatrist and the Church is vehemently opposed to psychiatry.

Here is what Crowe says about Scientology and faith and Cruise and Kidman.

“As a friend of Nicole Kidman, I got to know Tom Cruise quite well, and I was in the video store, and there was a $2.50, on-sale special video on Scientology, so I watched it. It was kind of like out of a friendship thing, really. I brought it up with him and we had a short conversation about it, but it was a moment that I kind of really established in my mind that I thought he was a very cool guy. Because I brought it up with him, I broached the subject, we talked about it for a natural length of conversation, and then his finisher on the conversation was, “If it’s important to you, man, you’ll do something about it.” And we never talked about it again.”

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