Seperated at birth?

I cannot help but see a resemblence with these two.  I think they look alike. (although Beckham is by far hotter)

   beckham.bmp    chrisrichardson.JPG

Top pic – David Beckham (obviously) 

Bottom pic – Chris Richardson from American Idol.  (image via

Do you agree or am I just crazy?

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Things are looking good for Judge Larry Seidlin

There’s word that CBS is looking to put Seidlin into a new segment for the Early Show called “Morning Justice”

Also his secretary is said to be receiving roughly 200 offers per day for him from different companies to have him join them.

Looks like he just may get what …

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To boot or not to boot?

That is our question!  FOX has “No Comment” on the recent Antonella Barba Pix to hit the net.  So we ask you, should Antonella be ‘let go’ or should she ride her new found fame into a solo career?  



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Did Anna Nicole have Lupus?


 Photo via People

Startling new claims have emerged following the death of Anna Nicole Smith indicating that the model may have been suffering from lupus.

Prior to her passing she had allegedly used Topamax, Dilaudid and Methadone, as it was revealed in hearings regarding the final resting place of her …

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Britney wants Privacy


Britney reportedly booked the entire wing for herself at Promises.  She wants privacy and has the money to pay for the privacy, which is estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There are also reports that Britney may be suffering from Post Partum Depression or Bipolar Disorder.  …

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