Kylie Jenner Has no Problem With Jaden Smith & New Girlfriend Sarah Snyder Being a Couple

Jaden Smith and his girlfriend Sarah Snyder flaunted their love during New York’s fashion week.

T he couple were seen indulging in PDA while they watched pal Kylie Jenner strut her stuff during Kanye West’s Adidas fashion show.

Kylie Jenner, 18, has been at a distance from Jaden Smith, 17, and she rarely makes any comment now for him.  But now he is in a relationship with Sarah Snyder, 20, a stunning model with a serious bad girl streak, so people might be thinking if there is any tension between the long-time besties? Well from a source it is revealed that Kylie has no problem with the couple being in a relationship and she has got everything to do with Tyga, 25 and nothing else.

That’s like a good girl Kylie.

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