Kourtney Kardashian Still Thinks “Scott is the Hottest Guy Alive”

Kourtney and Scott may have split but that doesn't mean she suddenly finds him unattractive.

A ccording to reports, Scott has been turning up to see their kids looking good despite the many issues in his life and Kourtney is happy that he is trying. An insider even says she may be “softening” to him again as he tries to rebuild some trust between them:

”He’s not showing up hungover or dishevelled so he looks better even though he’s obviously depressed. Kourtney sees how hard he’s trying and she’s softening a little. Scott is desperately trying to rebuild some trust with Kourtney but he has a long uphill battle ahead of him. She is still very guarded though and doesn’t want to get hurt by Scott again.”

Despite the split, Kourtney still believes Scott is super hot:

”Kourtney can’t help but find Scott attractive. He has always been and will always be her perfect match in the looks department. To her Scott is the hottest guy alive.”

Scott has been noticing how great Kourtney looks at the moment too and he was sad that she had let herself go towards the end of their relationship:

”Kourtney is really making Scott drool with the way she’s dressing since the split. He thinks she looks smoking hot and it’s getting to him. Scott is saying he wished she had put herself together this well when they were together. By the end of their relationship, she was dressing more and more like a soccer mom and didn’t really groom herself like she did when she was younger.”

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