Kardashian Kraze: By the Numbers

To say that the Kardashians are the first family of America isn’t a stretch. There might be a lot of intel on the Obamas, but the Kardashians are the family that citizens can’t seem to get enough of. Love them or hate them, these girls strike a chord with the public. And the proof is in the numbers.

We’ve done some research to find out just how far the Kardashians’ influence reaches. Basically, if it’s considered media the Kardashians have a presence. We’re lumping Kris, Kendall and Kylie Jenner in as a part of the Kardashian clan, because let’s be honest – one gave birth to the Kardashians and the other two are undeniable off-shoots. Let the fun begin!

Net Worth

The latest figures have the Kardashian-Jenner’s overall net worth at about $300,000,000 (including top money maker Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner). But that number is growing every day.

Kim Kardashian – $85 million

Kris Jenner – $30 million

Khloe Kardashian – $25 million

Kourtney Kardashian – $25 million

Kendall Jenner – $6 million

Kylie Jenner – $5 million

Reality Television Shows

Not counting their countless television appearances on talk shows, competitions and cameos, the Kardashians have had 6 reality television shows to date. They are:

Keeping Up With the Kardashians – 11 seasons and counting

Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami

Kourtney & Kim Take New York City

Khloe & Lamar

Kourtney & Khloé Take The Hamptons

Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more Kardashian shows E! airs the new show Dash Dolls. Kris Jenner even had a short-lived talk show. But it turns out she’s a better businesswoman than she is a television host

Despite talk of low ratings for the 11th season premiere, Keeping Up With the Kardashians still had 1.29 million people glued to their screens. In the past, season premieres have brought in twice that number – season 10 had 2.5 million viewers while season 9 had 2.8 million viewers. Season 5 averaged 3.5 million viewers a week. Even with the slow start, the 11th season premiere had decent ratings for such a long running show. California satellite TV providers are the real winners since the Kardashian’s home state has a very strong viewership.

And if you thought the Kardashians were on their way out of television think again. A $100 million deal with E! guarantees they’ll stay on air the next four years.

Clothing Lines

Fashion was the original bread and butter for the Kardashian girls. Their L.A. store DASH was doing well when they first started shooting their shows. Soon after becoming reality stars the three senior sisters launched the Kardashian Kollection. Earlier this year Sears announced it would no longer be selling the collection, but Forbes estimates that in 2013 alone the retail sales of the Kardashian’s fashion line totaled $600 million.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner have also designed a shoe collection for Steve Madden and worked on a clothing collection with Pac Sun. They’ve also just launched their own clothing line at the fashionable TopShop chain.

After the Kardashians started replicating they decided to launch another fashion venture – Kardashian Kids. Now people of all ages can cop Kardashian style.


It seems like the Kardashians show up in the least expected places, even bookstores. Most writers slave away for decades hoping to crack the New York Times bestseller list, but all Kim and her sisters have to do is put their names under the title and they’ve made it. Their book Kardashian Konfidential made it to #4 on the bestseller list after just a week. In the first three months alone 275,000 copies were shipped out to stores.

Other Kardashian titles include: Dollhouse, Kris Jenner and All Things Kardashian.


Instagram is quickly becoming a powerhouse outlet for advertisers. It’s much cheaper than hiring a celebrity to pose in an ad when you can get them to do it on their Instagram account. And when you have as many followers as the Kardashian-Jenners advertisers get just as many views.

Kim Kardashian Instagram Followers – 48.1 million

Kylie Jenner Instagram Followers – 38.3 million

Kendall Jenner Instagram Followers – 38.2 million

Khloe Kardashian Instagram Followers – 33.2 million

Khloe Kardashian Instagram Followers – 26 million

A picture of Kendall with her hair shaped like hearts is also the most liked picture on Instagram. Every time you see the Kardashians or Jenners promoting a product in a pic they make at least $3,000+.

Endorsements & Other Ventures

From energy drinks to fat loss pills it seems like every company wants the Kardashians to hawk their goods. Some of their most lucrative deals include OPI nail polish and Sketchers Sneakers. For a single tweet Kim can pull in $25,000 to endorse a product.

These are just some of the Kardashian clan’s biggest ventures. They also have:

  • Kardashian Beauty cosmetic line
  • Perfumes
  • Apps – on track to total $32 million a year
  • Video games
  • Hair extensions line
  • Tanning products
  • Personal appearances – $10 million and counting

It’s not uncommon to see a Kardashian on the cover of magazines. But this month Cosmopolitan has all six members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan on its cover for its 50th anniversary. That says a lot about the clout of the Kardashians and that they’ll remain a powerhouse for the foreseeable future.

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Kardashian Kraze: By the Numbers

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