Ed Sheeran Not Sure if He’s Brave Enough to Compete With Adele

Ed's new album is set to be released around the same time as Adele's and he's not sure if he's ready to compete.

A dele’s new song ‘Hello’ has topped charts and broken records, but Ed also has a similarly huge following. The two singers may now be going up against each other as they release albums that aim for the same categories at the Grammy Awards. He explained:

“Adele is releasing her album in the same Grammy category. I don’t know if I’m brave enough to go up against her.”

He may fear competition with Adele, but Ed says it feels natural to have a strong friendship with chart-topper Taylor Swift, although he believes it doesn’t happen too often that rivals in the industry come together:

“It’s quite a weird thing for the No. 1 and No. 2 biggest-selling artists in the world to be close friends. I don’t think that happens a lot.”

The singer explains that he was a little late to discover some of the most famous music of our time, commenting that it took him a while to catch on to the likes of Radiohead and Michael Jackson:

“I’ve never listened to a Radiohead album, to be honest. I didn’t hear a Bruce Springsteen song until like two years ago, and now I f—ing love Springsteen. I didn’t hear Michael Jackson songs till I was 14. I like discovering things on my own. I want to have that moment of ‘holy sh-t,’ the moment of the epiphany.”

He’s not going to discuss his private life because it taints everything:

“I just never want to be public. It always, always backfires. I really wish I could disappear at moments that I’m with a significant other. It’s none of anyone’s f—ing business.”

He has a fake smile and it’s obvious when he’s doing it because you can’t see his teeth:

“It’s funny — my ex-girlfriend, who the whole first album is about, was like, ‘I can tell when you’re not happy in pictures, because you do this fake smile.’ If you can see my teeth, I’m happy.”

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