Clevver News VIDEO: Kendall Jenner Vogue Cover & Interview Highlights

From meeting with the big dogs in the fashion industry to shooting hoops with Carmelo Anthony, Kendall barely has any time to just sit down and chill for an hour or two. Vogue’s Robert Sullivan had the task of following Kenny around during New York Fashion Week and it’s safe to say the young model took her “downtime” very seriously.

Instead of just hanging out with her friends and peers in between shows, Kendall is going from meeting to meeting with the likes of Tory Burch and Carmelo Anthony. Now, I know what you’re thinking, these two are two very different people in very different industries, but it’s their expertise and advice that Kendall was looking for.
In her meeting with Tory, the two talked about Kendall’s various projects like her fashion line with Kylie and the fashion designer gave Kendall a ton of advice on being a businesswoman and building a foundation. Tory even asked the young model if she’s planning on going to college and for someone in Kendall’s position, her response wasn’t too surprising.
Kendall said QUOTE, “You talk to people and they say the reason they went to college was to get a job, but I already have a job, so…” But, the model did go on to explain that traveling the world and learning different things about different cultures has been a big part of her education, so, I’m guessing traditional college is out of the picture for the reality star.
While Tory gave Kendall great advice about the business side of things, her meeting with Carmelo was a little different. For starters the two had a conversation while shooting hoops on a private basketball court, it doesn’t get any more casual than that. During their one-on-one game, the NBA player advised the model to “find time to take off” throughout her busy schedule and also echoed Tory’s sentiments about building a strong foundation to grow her career and business off of.
In the profile, Kendall also revealed her secret to gaining a ton of likes on Instagram. Are you ready for it? Kendall said that in terms of posting a successful picture it, QUOTE “has to be organic. It means you can’t totally plan it out.” I’ll definitely keep that word of advice in mind for my next post, Kendall.
And in the end, after Robert followed her around, he asked the reality star where she wants to be ten years from now, but all Kendall had to offer at the moment was that she was just enjoying everything in the moment. The Vogue writer later revealed that Kendall texted him (#goals) and gave him a more in depth answer as to where she’d like to see herself in ten years.
The model wrote, “I’m aware of the incredible opportunity I’ve been given by coming into this business. I mean, I’ve dreamed of being a part of this my whole life. Ten years from now, I can only hope to have harnessed all of this experience and opportunity into something impactful and meaningful. Either that, or maybe Carmelo can put in a good work with the Knicks for me, LOL.” She’s so silly. 😛
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