Clevver News VIDEO: Demi Lovato Reveals How To Be A Part Of Her Squad & Receives Honor

Demi Lovato’s recent Twitter spree is finally paying off, and now her voice is finally being heard as she is set to receive a major honor at the GLAAD Media Awards next month.

And if you’re a loyal Lovatic, you’re no stranger to the fact that Demi uses her social media platform for good and not evil, so it’s about time she gets the credit she deserves!

She’s changing the world left and right, and now Demi will stand up to accept the Vanguard Award at the 27th annual GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles next month on April 2nd.

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation organization, which honors media for accurate and positive representations of the LGBT community, will award Demi with the prestigious award for her efforts to promote acceptance and equality through her platform. GLAAD CEO Sarah Kate Ellis had nothing but great things to say about Demi in a statement, saying QUOTE, “Demi Lovato has consistently used her platform as a successful artist to send messages of acceptance and support to LGBT people everywhere.”

Demi’s been a vocal LGBT advocate for quite some time, crediting her late gay grandfather for inspiring her to always stand up for what she believes in. Demi even filmed her 2013 music video for her hit single “Really Don’t Care” at the famous LA Gay Pride parade and was featured in the fifth season of “Glee” as Naya Rivera’s love interest, which she hoped “inspired people with my character to love who they are and accept who they are.”

And speaking of constantly voicing her opinion, Demi recently made it clear that when she DOES speak out about anything and everything via Twitter, she gives ZERO fucks what anyone thinks. In fact, she even revealed that this is one criteria for joining her squad. Her and her pal Iggy Azalea exchanged in a comical back-and-forth Twitter conversation yesterday when Demi tweeted about doing a Twitter spree, and Iggy jokingly replied back with, “bitch. Come ova. Don’t make me egg your house.”

The two went back and forth until one fan tweeted, “@ddlovato @IGGYAZALEA how do I get in the squad please????” Demi replied back with clear and concise guidelines (and beware of the language), saying, “say shit that pisses people off and give zero fucks.”

Well OK then. It’s no surprise that neither Demi nor Iggy hold back from speaking their minds, and hey, it seems to have paid off for Demi, so you keep doin’ you girls! But right now I want to know what you guys think about Demi being honored for the Vanguard Award next month and about her brand new girl squad guidelines, so get to talking right down here in the comments section and after that, don’t forget to click over here to check out another brand new episode of our new show Clevver Now, where we keep you in the know of all the latest Hollywood buzz. Thanks so much for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Ryland_adams and I’ll see you next time!

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