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5 Celebrities Who Were Rich Even Before They Got Famous

Embed from Getty Images There are many celebrities who were born into wealthy families. While many actors even struggle to pay their rent while pursuing their Hollywood dreams, some of them were lucky enough to be born into wealthy families.

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Celebrity Couples Caught Arguing on Tape

Embed from Getty Images It’s not often we get to see what celebrity couple are like in the middle of an argument that could make or break their relationship…

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Kim Kardashian Trying to Wear Less Makeup, Does “Nontouring”

Embed from Getty Images Kim is starting a new beauty trend – wearing almost no makeup – and she says husband Kanye West loves it.

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Tyga Discusses His Split From Kylie Jenner

Embed from Getty Images Tyga and Kylie are now done, and the rapper has put together a few words to explain how things are now.

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Celebrities Who’ve Tried Out Dating Apps & Websites

Embed from Getty Images Hilary is just 9 miles away – are you going to swipe left or right?

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